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Moving on

Have you ever been stuck? It seems like the same scene is passing before you like a constant rewind. Sometimes it is because you don’t have the time or energy to “fix” the scratch in your record. But it really … Continue reading

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Wash over me!

I just saw a bird rolling in the water! Yes, he was sitting in a shallow dent in my flagstone walkway and rolling back and forth forcing the fresh rain over his head! The ground has been parched and wildfires … Continue reading

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Tips on Teens, too

Teens are definitely not my forte!  Their minds are just not making sense.  You would think that a person could listen and profit from another’s past experiences.  I had only hoped so anyway.  I did not want my kids to … Continue reading

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Are you ready?

Yes, no, well, am I ready?  Yes, I believe you are.  Ok, then, I am ready.  For what, you say.  Well, I am ready for you to glean from me what can help you in your walk of life.  I … Continue reading

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