Wash over me!

I just saw a bird rolling in the water! Yes, he was sitting in a shallow dent in my flagstone walkway and rolling back and forth forcing the fresh rain over his head! The ground has been parched and wildfires have been popping up everywhere. I am afraid to walk on the land for fear that rubbing against it may be enough to start a fire. And the few minutes of rain that we got are certainly not enough to ward off the impending drought. But still, shouldn’t we be like the little bird relishing in what is given? And why wait for a rain. Relish in what God has given us now! Don’t think of the car that cut you off on the highway. Be thankful that you weren’t in an accident. Yes, be upset about a negative diagnosis. But is it as bad as someone else’s? I only got a “meets standards” on my review… I should have got an “exceeds standards.” I know, I learned much this year.      Yet, here is the deeper point. We should not only be thankful, but relish the blessing. Dance around in the water, throw it up on our heads for it was provided for us by a wonderful savior who loves us! God did not intend for us to be unhappy.  Look for the good, look for the rain that washes away your drought.  Don’t wallow in the drought.  Relish the rain!

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